Tobacco Fact File


Why Be a Health Activist

There's lots of good reasons why you should become active in the fight against tobacco use.  Here are just a few...

- It's a great learning experience
- Meet new people, make new friends
- Because you're a frontiersman, a rebel, a pioneer, an achiever
- See the results of your actions - it's very rewarding
- Practice for adulthood
- You're not scared to make a difference
- You refuse to be a sucker to tobacco ads and promotions
- You're helping to save lives
- It feels great to help others
- It's important to let everyone know why smoking is not a wise choice
- When your generation becomes older, there might not be enough social security for everyone because so much of the money will be used to pay for tobacco related illnesses
- Most people don't know the TRUTH about tobacco. It is crucial that people know, because if they do, it would give them more motivation to quit.